Porter Branch

Last Updated on: May 23, 2022

Branch Profile

Porter Branch, as the name suggests, is a branch of the Office of The Deputy Commissioner which looks after matters pertaining to porters who are a unique element of administration which is specific to Dima Hasao. The need for maintaining a team of porters is unique in a district with terrain like Dima Hasao which makes communications with critical units of administration difficult. The porter branch was created for Dima Hasao in 1961 with its primary duty being the maintenance and serving of supply lines for essential commodities and official communication with forwarding police bases, outposts and radio repeater installations of the Assam Police Radio Organization (APRO) and has been continuing to perform its duties admirably despite the logistical hardships. 

Branch Functions

  • Management of porters' duties 
  • Addressing various material supply requests by personnel manning forward police bases
  • Maintenance of porters' service records
  • Carrying out official communications with the state nodal department regarding the service of porters
  • Maintaining correspondence with Dima Hasao Police for various supply exigencies
  • Relaying of information to forward bases and APRO Repeater Station at Mahadevtilla, under Mahur Police Station
  • Deputation of porters to any other branches of DC's office due to exigencies from time to time