Apply for legal heir certificate

Last Updated on: May 13, 2022

Apply for Legal Heir Certificate


  • Death Certificate of deceased
  • NOC from family members
  • NOC from Gaonburah
  • Proof of identity 


Legal heir is a person who enters into the ownership of or succeeds a person who died unexpectedly without leaving behind a declared  will. Legal heir certificate denotes the relationship between the legal heir and the deceased, and is mandatory especially when a nominee is not mentioned. This certificate is a prerequisite for a heir to legally claim the benefits accrued/received by the deceased or take ownership of property belonging to the same. 

Eligibility Criteria

Under Indian laws, the following persons can be considered to be legal heirs:

  1. Spouse of the deceased
  2. Son/daughter of the deceased
  3. Father of the deceased
  4. Mother of the deceased

Documents required

  1. Death Certificate of the deceased 
  2. NOC from the family members
  3. NOC from Gaonburah
  4. Proof of identity (Voter ID/Driving Licence/Any other valid ID proof issued by the government)


The applicant must apply at the Magistracy Branch, DC's Office, Haflong with all the relevant documents intact that have been listed in the preceding paragraph and must ensure that he/she fulfills all the prerequisite conditions.