Home Guards Branch

Last Updated on: May 23, 2022

Branch Profile

Home Guards Branch of the Office of The Deputy Commissioner is a branch that looks after all matters related to Home Guards posted in the district. The Home Guard is an auxiliary voluntary citizens force which had been created to assist the district administration in the maintenance of law & order and in emergencies arising out of natural and man-made disasters. It has been doing so since its creation in 1946 by the British Raj and continues to be a vital element of the district administration. The Home Guards of Dima Hasao falls under the Hills Division of Home Guards with headquarters in Silchar and is headed by a Home Guards' Commandant and all administrative matters are handled by the Home Guards Branch of the Deputy Commissioner's office. 

Branch Functions

  • Assist the district administration in the maintenance of law & order
  • Provide security to office establishments and important installations
  • Assist the district administration during emergencies, both natural & man-made
  • Provide security to officials during official visits to the district 
  • Handling matters related to pay & allowances of Home Guards personnel
  • Handling matters related to transfer & postings of Home Guards personnel
  • Correspondence with Directorate of Civil Defence & Home Guards