Motor Vehicles Branch

Last Updated on: May 23, 2022

Branch Profile

The Motor Vehicles Branch of the Office of The Deputy Commissioner is unique to Dima Hasao as the office of the District Transport Officer (DTO) is still in the process of being set up. The entire functions of the DTO's office, as would be the case in other districts, is handled by this branch which is located within the premises of the Deputy Commissioner's Office, Haflong. This branch, therefore, functions as a normal branch of the Deputy Commissioner's office with the District Transport Officer functioning as its branch head assisted by dealing assistants and Gr-IV staff who are employees of the Deputy Commissioner's office and all files are routed through the Head Assistant of the same office. 

Branch Functions

  • Issue of driving licences
  • Renewal of driving licences
  • Issue of vehicle registration cards
  • Renewal of vehicle registration cards
  • Registration of commercial vehicles
  • Maintenance of database for vehicles and drivers in the district
  • Providing assistance in the maintenance of law & order and relief works undertaken by the district administration

List of Registration Services

A complete list of registration services that can be availed by the public at the Motor Vehicle Branch at the Deputy Commissioner's Office, Haflong, has been uploaded in this section for perusal. It is the endeavour of the district administration of Dima Hasao to provide continued timely updates regarding the same as part of its website management policy.