Health Services

Last Updated on: April 19, 2022

Health Services

  • The Health Department of Dima Hasao is under the administrative control of the NC Hills Autonomous Council and has a a Joint Directorate of Health Services acting as the administrative head office for all matters related to health in the district. The district has a fairly adequate infrastructure for provision of health services that is predominantly state-owned. The health services infrastructure includes a District Civil Hospital based at Haflong, a model hospital, Community Health Centres (CHC), Primary Health Centres (PHC), Block Primary Health Centres (BPHC) and State Dispensaries. There is also a fairly large private hospital based in Haflong called the Holy Spirit Hospital that is privately owned and operated. 

    The health services network in Dima Hasao is listed below for perusal:



    District Civil Hospital

    Hospital Road,

    Sarkari Bagan, Haflong -788819

    Landline: 03673-239015

    Holy Spirit Hospital

    Above DSA Ground,

    Haflong - 788819 

    Model Hospital


    State Dispensaries

    Jatinga & Dehangi

    Block Primary Health Centre

    Langting, Mahur and Gunjung

    Community Health Centre

    Maibang & Umrongso

    Subsidiary Health Centre

    Boro Arkap, Hajadisa & Laisong

    Mini-Primary Health Centre

    Diyungmukh, Khepre & Harangajao