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Government Of Assam Dima Hasao District

Dima Hasao Tourism



  1. Busu Dima Festival

  2. Falcon Festival

  3. Grand Holy Bath Festival

  4. Jatinga Festival

Busu Dima Festival

Busu Dima Festival is celebrated at Maibang, the cultural capital of the Dimasa tribe. The festival is a showcase for traditional textiles, arts & crafts, local ethnic cuisines, spirits and traditional sports. Held in the month of January every year, this festival is, in essence, a celebration of the consumption of newly harvested autumn rice and has been a ceremonial feature since antiquity. In the modern version today, one can immerse oneself into the culture of the Dimasas and enjoy the cultural performances, take part in traditional sporting events, shop for quality traditional dresses and handicrafts as well as gorge on the delectable traditional food dishes on offer. Maibang town is located conveniently along the four-lane highway NH-54 E and also has a train station rendering it highly accessible for prospective tourists. 

Falcon Festival

The Falcon Festival is held in Umrongso during the month of November to celebrate the arrival as well as to bid adieu to the Amur Falcons who make a brief stopover here during their annual seasonal migration from Siberia and parts of northern China and the two Koreas to roosting sites in southern Africa. During this festival, one can witness the arrival of flocks of beautiful Amur Falcons and avail ample opportunities to observe and take photographs of these birds amidst pristine sylvan surroundings. Aside from this principal attraction, other events like cultural shows and food festivals are organized for the tourists who can also undertake camping activities in areas adjacent to the festival site. The Assam Forest Department, Wildlife Trust of India, Assam Rifles and other entities aid the Tourism Department in the conduct of this festival that has, over the years, evolved into a festival encompassing ecological, cultural and commercial aspects. The festival site is located approximately 115 kilometers from Haflong and regular bus and taxi services are available. 

Grand Holy Bath Festival

The Grand Holy Bath Festival takes place along the serene waters of the Kopili at Panimur, a site renowned for its myriad of mini-waterfalls and rapids owing to the rock formations and gradient of the river bed. The festival is an ode to the tradition of the Dimasas of taking a holy bath during the Magh Purnima. It is a religious festival but with enough scope for fun and frolic along the banks of the Kopili. This festival is held during the month of March every year and the site is located approximately 120 kilometers from Haflong and regular bus and taxi services are available. 

Jatinga Festival

The name 'Jatinga' evokes a heady mix of mystery, curiousity and adventure all at the same time owing to its reputation of being a site where birds commit suicides. Putting aside the myriad of theories as to why this happens that range from the scientific to the utterly bizzare, one can come here during the Jatinga Festival and witness the coming of the birds, mostly migratory, and discover his/her inner ornithologist and do some bird-watching and photography and, perhaps, discover a new theory regarding the bird-suicide mystery itself. Aside from this, one can sample the local tribal cultures, mostly of the Jaintia-Pnar extraction, as well as sample the local ethnic cuisines amidst scenic vistas. This festival is held in the month of October every year and the festival site is located only about 9 kilometers from Haflong.