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Government Of Assam Dima Hasao District

District At a Glance

  • Dima Hasao -- earlier called North Cachar Hills district is an administrative district in the state of Assam in north-eastern India. "Dima Hasao" means "Dimasa Hills" in the Dimasa language. As of 2011, it is the least populous district of Assam. The district headquarter, Haflong, is the only hill station in Assam, a tourist paradise, also named the Switzerland of the East.


    Dima Hasao has a unique system of administration as it comes under the VIth Schedule of the Indian Constitution. There is an autonomous council called the North-Cachar Hills Autonomous Council (NCHAC) which has administrative powers over certain inherent subjects as well a certain entrusted subjects out of the State List enshrined in the VIIth Schedule of the Indian Constitution. The office of the Deputy Commissioner is entrusted with general law & order as well as certain other subjects pertaining to general administration.

    The district comprises of three (3) subdivisions namely Haflong, Maibang and Diyungbra. There are five (5) Community Development Blocks which are Jatinga Valley, Diyung Valley, Harangajao ITD, Diyungbra ITD and New Sangbar. There are also three (3) town committees at Maibang, Mahur and Umrangso and one (1) municipal board at Haflong. 


    Dima Hasao has an enviable diversity of tribes which contribute to the unique social fabric of the district. It is a tribal-majority district with tribals constituting about 71% of the total population. There are 13 tribal groups inhabiting the district along with a significant number of non-tribal groups like Bengali, Nepali and Assamese. The major tribal groups in descending order of population are Dimasa, Kuki, Zeme, Hmar and Karbis besides other smaller tribes like the Khelma, Hrangkhol, Biates etc. 


    Dima Hasao district occupies an area of 4,888 square kilometres. It is surrounded by Manipur in the east, East Karbi Anglong district and Nagaland in the north-east, Hojai district in the north, West Karbi Anglong district in the north-west, Meghalaya in the west and Cachar district in the south. The Borail Range covers most of this hilly district and two of the highest peaks of the range are located in this district which are Thumjang at 1866 meters and Hempeupet at 1748 meters above mean sea level.






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