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Government Of Assam Dima Hasao District



Pradhan Mantri Khanij Kshetra Kalyan Yojana or PMKKKY is a unique initiative that was formulated to ensure that the welfare of people affected adversely by mining activities are not compromised in any manner. This initiative was launched in 2015 by the Ministry of Mines, GoI and involves a mechanism wherein entities conducting mining activities in areas inhabited by people are to contribute a certain portion of their royalties which will be utilized to conduct activities aimed at safeguarding the health, environment and livelihood of the affected people as well as seeking to enhance their economic conditions. 

Scheme Objectives

The broad objectives of this scheme can be encapsulated as follows:

  1. To minimize and mitigate the adverse impacts of mining on the environment, health and socio-economic aspects of people living in mining zones or displaced due to mining activities
  2. To secure long-term sustainable livelihoods for the mining-affected people
  3. To ensure environmentally-sustainable and people-friendly mining activities 

Implementation in Dima Hasao

Dima Hasao is relatively mineral-rich and therefore, mining activities in the district are quite pronounced for extraction of minerals like coal, granite and limestone. There are coal reserves in the Umrangso area that have been leased by Assam Mining Development Corporation (AMDC) and accordingly, these areas have been collectively called Assam Quarries. Hence, PMKKKY scheme has been launched as per guidelines and with the royalties collected from mining entities active in the district.

As per PMKKKY guidelines, a District Mineral Foundation has been constituted in Dima Hasao which is chaired by the Hon'ble Deputy Commissioner. The DMF is tasked with utilizing the funds collected from the mining entities who contribute in the following manner:

  1. 30% of royalty payable to the government shall be paid to the DMF in cases of mining licences issued before 12th January 2015
  2. 10% of royalty payable to the government shall be paid to the DMF in cases of mining licences issued after 12th January 2015

The composition of the DMF is as follows:




Hon'ble Deputy Commissioner

Honorary Member

Sitting Member of Parliament of 3-ST Parliamentary Constituency

Honorary Member

Sitting MLA of 16-Haflong LAC


Executive Members of NCHAC


Members of Autonomous Council (MACs) from affected constituencies


Principal Secretary (Transferrable), NCHAC


Addl. Deputy Commissioner, i/c Development


Director, Geology & Mining, Govt. of Assam


Superintendent of Police, Dima Hasao


Managing Director, Assam Minerals Development Corporation


Joint Director of Health Services, Dima Hasao


Executive Engineer, PWD, Haflong Roads Division


Divisional Forest Officers of East & West Divisions, Haflong


Inspector of Schools, Dima Hasao


Representatives of mining companies having operations in Dima Hasao

Scheme Progress Information

The progress status of PMKKKY scheme is regularly updated from time to time and it is the endeavour of the district administration to make available details regarding the same for the perusal of the public. Such information can be found upon perusal of the attachments on this section. 

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