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Government Of Assam Dima Hasao District


Scheme Introduction

The MP Local Area Development Scheme is a scheme wherein an MP, Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha, is allocated a fund to the tune of 5 crores annually for undertaking developmental works for the welfare of the people of his/her constituency based on locally felt needs. This scheme was launched in 1993 and was initially under the Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India. It evolved gradually with more fund allocations and is currently overseen by the Ministry of Statistics & Program Implementation, Govt. of India. This scheme is fully funded by the Government of India. 

Scheme Objectives

The broad objectives of this scheme are as follows:

  1. To address locally felt needs of the people
  2. To create durable assets for public welfare
  3. To enable direct participation of the electorate in development activities
  4. To create goodwill in the MP's constituency

Implementation in Dima Hasao

The implementation mechanism for MP LAD Scheme in Dima Hasao is identical to those that are prevalent in other districts of Assam. The local MP sends proposals for projects to be undertaken in his/her constituency under this scheme to the Deputy Commissioner who then intimates the line departments to prepare a project execution plan. The tenders are called for by the concerned line departments under whose fields of expertise the proposed projects lie and work orders are issued by them accordingly. The monitoring of projects undertaken under this scheme is performed by a monitoring committee that includes the incumbent MP as the chairman, Deputy Commissioner and officers from the concerned line departments of Dima Hasao as well as officials and representatives from the North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council. As the MPLAD Scheme is fully funded by the Centre, the Ministry of Statistics & Program Implementation, GoI, is also to be provided updates on a regular basis regarding the progress of this scheme. 

Scheme Progress Information

The MPLAD Scheme is a recurring annual scheme and progress/utilization reports are sought by the public and officials alike for monitoring purposes. It is the sincere endeavour of the district administration of Dima Hasao to make available to the public all information regarding the same. The documents uploaded on this section can be perused by anyone desirous of obtaining information regarding MPLAD Fund implementation in Dima Hasao.

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